Custom Solutions and Training for Your Business

Each situation and business is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your full potential. Custom solutions take advantage of opportunities that meet your strengths and needs. That’s what we deliver.

We roll up our sleeves and become your partner. We know the challenges business face today. We have been in your shoes. The advice we offer is based on real experiences and successes.

Our a la carte services are geared to create smooth transitions based on clearly defined goals.



It might be a shift in the management paradigm. It might be a complete restructuring. With concepts such as the PROSCI model and Lean Mapping, Define and shift leverages best practices and innovative techniques to help reach your goals. We focus on the project and the people. We focus on Change Management, the people side of change, to ensure that each change in your business produces the results you are expecting.

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Change is at an all time high. There are constraints, capacity limits and choices that each individual employee faces. Change Management provides a framework that enables individuals to adopt new values, skills and behaviours so that business results (and expected Return On Investment) are achieved.

Workplace Restructuring

New Project Start Ups

Problem Solving and Mediation

Assessment and Evaluation

Communication Plans

Road maps and Logic Models

How quickly will your employees get on board with the change? How quickly and effectively will they implement the change? The reality is that the closer you are to all employees (and stakeholders) engaging with the change, the closer you are to achieving your desired outcomes.

Business outcomes are the collective result of individual change toward your common goal. We work with you to make sure your project is a success through assessing and enabling individual change.

We are the team that will help you move from your current state, through the transition to the future state that you desire.

Strategic Coaching


We aim to support and coach each individual toward awareness, desire, knowledge, and ability to participate in and implement changes. We assess each individual’s readiness for change and coach them towards developing the skills they need to adopt the change. Employees that are informed and aware of the need for change and have gained the knowledge and ability to implement the change will buy in and be your best change champions. We will engage, inform and coach individuals based on their assessed needs and strengths.

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Getting on Board with Change



Once your goals are defined and we have developed a Roadmap to get there, training becomes an essential piece of implementation. We will give your leaders and teams the tools they need to get there. Our training is goal specific and focused on skill development.

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Emotional/Social Intelligence

Essential Skills/Process Navigation

Management and Leadership

Coaching Strategies

Change Management for Leaders

Change Adoption for Employees

Training results in improved performance, satisfaction and morale. Training can address weaknesses and encourage strengths, setting a foundation for consistency, adherence to quality standards and increased productivity.

Training is a vital part of the change process. We will work with you to create and implement custom designed training to meet your needs. (Team and Individual training available based on need)